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Circuit Shop
allows you to design, simulate and learn about digital and analog electronic circuits. Circuit Shop is an easy to use graphical CAD tool to allow simple digital and analog electronic circuits to be constructed and simulated.

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Circuit Shop Features

  • Drawing tools to construct simple electronic circuit schematics consisting of digital and analog devices such as ICs, logic gates, flip-flops, op amps, dependent sources, diodes, LEDs, transistors, resistors, batteries, etc.
  • A tutorial which teaches basic analog and digital electronic concepts.
  • Digital circuit design and analysis capability using digital sources, logic gates, flip-flops, timers, sequence generators, digital displays, ICs and digital oscilloscopes.
  • Analog circuit design and simulation capability to perform DC analysis and sinusoidal steady state analysis and frequency response. Frequency response includes magnitude, Bode, phase, dB and group delay plots.
  • A simple paint toolkit to allow text, lines, ovals and rectangles to be added as circuit annotations.
  • A printable version of Circuit Shop's on-line help file can be downloaded (see below). The fully indexed PDF document consists of a reference manual and a basic electronics tutorial.

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To download Circuit Shop's reference manual and tutorial


This document is a printable version of Circuit Shop's on-line help file and consists of two parts:

  • Part one provides Circuit Shop's reference manual.
  • Part two provides Circuit Shop's basic electronics tutorial.

A full index of the reference manual and tutorial is included at the end of the document.




Online registration
To register Circuit Shop by credit card over the web

On notification of receipt of payment, you will be sent a registration key.

Other registration options can be found in the on-line help file.




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The authors of Circuit Shop may be contacted by e-mail





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